Battery Education Series Training (BEST)



Thank you for your purchase of a high-quality two-way radio system from Eagle Communications. Whether your communications goals are to improve productivity and teamwork; to promote security and safety; or a combination of both; our goal is to help you to maximize the usefulness, value, and longevity of your radio system. We’re here to help you and your staff to accomplish more, in a safe and productive environment.

Your two-way radios were designed to be used reliably every day for many years. The usefulness of your portable two-way radios depends largely on its battery. Because your batteries are so important, we have developed our Battery Education Series to provide essential information to assist you in understanding how to get the most from your equipment.

As a Value-added service, we periodically will send you articles in this series to help you get the most from your two-way radio system. The first is a 2-part monthly series covering the basics of usage & care. Following this, a very limited number of timely articles will be sent to assure you are receiving the full benefits of being our valued customer.


Take back your time. Use your talents and skills to focus on your customers and your business. Shift the responsibility of helping you maintain your battery fleet. We’ll make it as easy as possible for you to know the best practices for battery use and care and why and when to replace your batteries so you can achieve your communications goals.


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