Engraving - Two-Way Radio - Orange County, CA
What a Great Idea!

Radio Engraving is an easy way to help track and control valuable radio equipment. It can also help clearly identify which department or individual was assigned a radio. If equipment is ever lost or stolen, engraving may make it easier to recover.

EAGLE COMMUNICATIONS performs all engraving work in-house. Most jobs are completed within 48 hours! We also can COLOR FILL the engraved characters for a bold and highly visible look.

Eagle Communications Radio Engraving - Orange County, CA

Radio Engraving Prices

  • $20.00 - Setup Fee / per Radio Model
  • $20.00 - Per Radio / 1 Line, Up to 12 Characters*
  • $10.00 - Additional Line of Text
  • $10.00 - Color Fill 

When you purchase portable radios from EAGLE COMMUNICATIONS we can deliver them to you custom engraved with your company or department name, unit number, or telephone number. 

Eliminate the chance of your radios getting mixed up by taking advantage of our custom engraving service. 

*Based on the engravable area of the radio

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