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Hands down, our most popular radio is the Vertex VX-350 series radio.  This radio is smaller than most radios and is extremely light even though it comes packed with a high capacity Lithium-Ion battery.  This is a 5 watt radio, meaning it has 1 more watt of power than most other high power radios, which typically have 4 watts.  The VX-354 model includes an 8 character display for the channel names, which makes managing multi-channel operations easier.  The display also shows the battery life meter, so you can see if your battery is charged or not. Also, Vertex Standard offers an industry leading 3 year warranty!  One year more than the competition.  So, if anything happens, you'll be covered. The size of this radio and the fact that it costs less than the competition, coupled with the fact that is has more power and a better warranty, leads us to believe that our most popular radio will remain that way for years to come. Stop by our showroom anytime for a free demo. See for yourself.  You'll be glad you did!

HYTERA Digital Repeater RD-982 HYTERA PD-782 DIGITAL HYTERA PD-502 DIGITAL Ritron Callbox - 7 Series EVX-261 Series - Digital - UHF or VHF HYTERA PD-682 DIGITAL VX-260 Series - Analog - UHF or VHF Vertex Standard EVX-R70 Digital Repeater

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Narrowbanding in 2013

Narrowbanding by Two-Way Radio - Orange County, CAAre Your Radios in Compliance With the FCC's 2013 Narrowbanding Mandate? 

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