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Interoperability refers to the ability of emergency responders to work seamlessly with other systems or products without any special effort.  Wireless communications interoperability specifically refers to the ability of emergency response officials to share information via voice and data signals on demand, in real time, when needed, and as authorized. For example, when communications systems are interoperable, police and firefighters responding to a routine incident can talk to each other to coordinate efforts.  Communications interoperability also makes it possible for emergency response agencies responding to catastrophic accidents or disasters to work effectively together. (Source: Homeland Security Website)

Raytheon JPS Communication by Two-Way Radio - Orange County, CA

NXU-2A Network Extension Unit

NXU-2A - Two-Way Radio - Orange County, CA

The NXU-2A Network eXtension Unit is a general purpose, standalone device that connects communication equipment to a digital network (local area network, wide area network or Internet). LEARN MORE >>>

ACU-M Connects Disparate Systems

ACU-M - Two-Way Radio - Orange County, CA

The ACU-M is suitable for mission-critical interoperability and easily connects up to four different radio systems.  Now you can talk to other agencies regardless of what type of radios they use: Low Band, HF, VHF, UHF, P25, 800Mhz, and Nextel iDEN phones too! LEARN MORE >>>

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