Nexus IP Console System by Two-Way Radio - Orange County, CA
Stability, Performance, and World-Class Dispatch by Telex

Telex Radio Dispatch, part of the Bosch Group, manufactures and delivers thousands of mission-critical communication systems worldwide.

Telex Radio Dispatch is the leading manufacturer of IP control for two-way radio communications. Based on a distributive architecture, Telex dispatch console systems have flexibility, scalability, and redundant capability based on the network.

Telex converts audio and control functions from analog or digital to Ethernet packets. Once converted to IP, the signal can be transported via LAN, WAN, 802.11 wireless, satellite, and the Internet. With this many mediums to work with, systems can be precisely scaled according to application, whether confined to a single building or campus, or covering an entire country or the world. You can control a Telex IP based system in Texas from New York, and all with parallel control in London, England. The Nexus IP console position delivers everything for dispatch communications—stability, performance, and world-class dispatch capability. The IP platform makes it simple to install, easy to expand, and flexible enough to use in any dispatch setting.

Nexus IP Console System by Two-Way Radio - Orange County, CA

Service and Support

By standardizing around a single dispatch position platform, we have been able to optimize both the operating system and dispatch software for maximum stability and performance. And we are able to deliver a total solution that is significantly enhanced and much easier to support by removing the variables associated with software installation on an end-user provided PC.

Flexibility and Scalability

The Nexus IP console position can be ordered in configurations from two to 200 lines. It is our most capable and highest capacity dispatch solution. The user interface is completely customizable, meaning you can control the button layout – the size, shape, color, and even the labeling. Change the background color, create simple or advanced dispatch interfaces — the options are nearly limitless with the Nexus console position. You can even store multiple dispatch configurations on a single station for different applications or usage scenarios.

Nexus IP Console System by Two-Way Radio - Orange County, CA

Nexus IP Console System by Two-Way Radio - Orange County, CA

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