Ritron Callbox DMR
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Ritron Callbox DMR


Product Information


Ritron DMR Digital 2-Way Radio Callbox

Ritron has a strong niche position in the marketplace, solving communication problems and adding value to existing two-way radio systems. One of the products designed and manufactured here, in the USA, that clearly shows this value is the DMR Digital Callbox. The Ritron DMR Digital Callbox has delivered that added value to end users and is a clearly value-added product.  You've already got radios...why not add on a wireless callbox to make your life easier?

First, let’s clarify a couple terms:

  • DMR stands for Digital Mobile Radio, an open digital standard that operates within the existing 12.5 kHz channel spacing through Tier 2, TDMA technology. 
  • The Ritron DMR Callbox is a purpose-built, AC or DC powered 2-way radio device allowing co-workers, visitors, and others to communicate with DMR radio-equipped staff within or around your facility.

Added Value
Since the DMR Callbox requires no wires, no trenching, and no construction, it may be placed virtually anywhere. 

  • Service response times are decreased, improving customer service. 
  • You’ll use your manpower more efficiently, assigning staff to respond to calls from the Digital DMR Callbox.
  • Safety is improved in parking garages, school and corporate campuses - alerting safety staff equipped with Digital DMR radios. 

Added Features

  • Relay control is built in, allowing for remote control of locked gates, doors, or even a strobe light.
  • User adjustable settings allows for easy, in-the-field programming.
  • Recordable voice messages or alarm tones may be sent to radios monitoring the callbox activity to increase the usefulness of the system.

Accomplish More
You have invested in a two-way radio system. By simply adding a DMR Callbox, opportunity now exists to accomplish more in the following end-user applications: schools and day care facilities, manufacturing and construction sites, health care facilities, delivery docks, gate access to secured areas, resorts and amusement parks, parking garages, and more.

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