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Product Information

Portable Two-Way Radios

General Features

At the push-of-a-button ...communicate with multiple work groups, coordinate activities or expedite orders. Rugged and dependable, the D-Series Jobcom portable radios will empower any work crew to get more done, more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

With Jobcom radios communication is instant. There are no air time charges or service fees, busy signals, phone numbers to remember, or lost productivity on non-business calls. Jobcom radios transmit directly from one radio to another. No extra equipment is required and they're compatible with virtually any other two-way radios operating on the same channel frequencies.

Each D-Series radio can be tailored for your specific need. For example: each D-Series radio can be programmed to display as few as 1 channel or as many as 10. Features like channel scan, weather scan and weather alert can be turned on or off depending on the need, they're powerful and feature rich, yet flexible Lightweight, small and easy to carry yet capable of withstanding a 6 foot drop onto concrete. In fact, ounce for ounce Jobcom radios are tougher than any other professional business radio in its class.


  • 150-162MHz 
  • 2 Watts Transmit Power 
  • Battery Life: 9 Hrs. 
  • Line-of-Sight Range: Up to 2-4 Miles 
  • Coverage: Up to 15 Floors or 250,000 sq. ft.
  • NOAA Weather Channel, Scan, and Alert Capability
  • Up to 10 Channel Capability
  • IP-54 Water and Dust Intrusion 
  • High Visibility, Easy-To-Read LED Channel Display
  • Choose From 21 Different Field Selectable Freq.
  • PC Programmable Custom Frequencies/Features
  • Easy-To-Hear, High Audio Output Speaker
  • 2-Tone Paging Decode
  • Channel Scan with Nuisance Channel Delete
  • Audio Accessory Jacks
  • Quick Change Battery
  • Drop-In Charge Capability
  • 51 Quiet Call® Codes or 83 Digital Quiet Call® Privacy Codes

Model Description 
JMX-141D VHF, 150-162MHz, 1.5 W, 10 Channel w/ Ch. Scan
JMX-146D   VHF, 150-162MHz, 2 W, 10 Channel w/ Ch. Scan
JMX-144D   VHF, 150-162MHz, 4 W, 10 Channel w/ Ch. Scan
JMX-441D   UHF, 450-470MHz, 1 W, 10 Channel w/ Ch. Scan
JMX-446D   UHF, 450-470MHz, 2 W, 10 Channel w/ Ch. Scan
JMX-444D   UHF, 450-470MHz, 3 W, 10 Channel w/ Ch. Scan

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Narrowbanding in 2013

Narrowbanding by Two-Way Radio - Orange County, CAAre Your Radios in Compliance With the FCC's 2013 Narrowbanding Mandate? 

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