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Quick Assist - Customer Assistance Callbox
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Quick Assist - Customer Assistance Callbox

Product Information

The Quick Assist Radio transmits user-recordable voice messages over existing radio systems. Ideal for Retail Stores, Hotels/Motels, Delivery or Receiving Docks, Manufacturing Applications (Assembly lines or workstations), Amusement Parks, Golf Courses, Parking Structures/Lots, Gates, or any area where wireless communications is needed. 

A simple push-of-a-button immediately transmits a voice message directly and discreetly summoning radio-equipped personnel to a specific location or department. These radios improve customer service and eliminate noisy PA paging. 

Since the Quick Assist is completely wireless and battery-operated, it can be installed in a variety of locations, both indoor and outdoor. In addition, a number of operating features are user programmable without requiring specialized software, or even a computer. All you need is a standard telephone.


Provides prompt customer service 24 hours a day
Keeps your staff connected and your customers satisfied. Your customers get prompt assistance without having to search for a staff member. Permits efficient use of store personnel.

Easy installation or relocation to any sales area
The Quick Assist is very compact and quickly mounts on any surface. It's completely wireless communication (no cables or wires). It's even weather resistant for outdoor use. 

Low cost ownership
No airtime charges to incur. The Quick Assist is a self-contained radio transmitter. It's compatible with virtually any 2-way radio system. What's more, it's simple to use and operate by customers and sales personnel. The Quick Assist has a variety of user programmable features built-in.

Use the Quick Assist Callbox...
. Cutting stations
. Locked cabinet displays
. Unstaffed and part-time counters or registers
. Question-intensive merchandise areas
. Outdoors departments.Lumber, Nursery, Patio
. Hard to see areas of the store
. Heavy or high merchandise areas

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