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Ritron Jobcom JBS-146D/446D
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Ritron Jobcom JBS-146D/446D


Product Information

Wireless Intercom / Base Station

JBS-146D/446D (VHF or UHF), 10 Channel, 2 Watt

General Features

The JobCom Display Series Wireless Intercom/Base Station is a cost-effective way to keep employees in a fixed indoor location communicating and it replaces the need for multiple portable radios. Typically employees that work in a defined area, such as the machine shop, the reception lobby or customer service area, do not require their own portable radio, but they do need access to a radio. 

The JobCom Base Station doesn't get borrowed, dropped or stolen because it can be permanently mounted to a desk or wall. It does not require batteries since it operates on 110 VAC (or 12 VDC with optional adapter). 

And when you eliminate the headaches of replacing lost or damaged portable radios, you increase employee productivity and eliminate replacement costs.

Selectable Frequencies 
Select from a list of 21 user selectable, pre-programmed business-only frequencies for your work group. The JOBCOM Base Station can also be PC programmed by your authorized Ritron dealer to operate on "custom" frequencies within the band of the radio. This base station/intercom radio will operate with any Ritron JOBCOM or Patriot brand two-way radios; and any other brand of radio (portable, mobile or repeater), operating on the same frequency.

License-Free VHF MURS Frequencies 
Each VHF base station radio model offers 5 license-free MURS frequencies for business applications.

Interference Eliminator (Quiet Call)
Codes and Digital Quiet Call Codes 
51 user selectable Quiet Call codes help screen-out unwanted channel chatter. Digital squelch codes can be PC programmed by your authorized Ritron dealer.

Channel Scan Feature 
Monitor multiple channels automatically without having to manually switch channels. Normal or priority.

"Z" Button - Programmable Soft Key 
One-touch button for quick access to specific “custom” programmable radio features e.g. Call Tone, DTMF Encode, (Two-Tone Encode coming soon), NOAA Weather Scan, Channel Monitor, Channel Scan.

10 Channel Display Series “Extra” Features:
Up to 10 Channel Capability 
The 10 channel Display Series Base Station can be individually programmed for 1 or up to 10 channels.
Programmable “Z” Button Soft Key can be set to perform one of these features:

Call Feature
DTMF or 2-Tone Paging Encode* -programmable on a per channel basis.
2-Tone Paging Decode -programmable on a per channel basis.
Channel Scan -normal or priority.

Call Tone 
Used to alert other radio users of an incoming transmission.

DTMF ANI Encode -Can be used to control gates, doors or other devices remotely. Programmable on a per channel basis. See Ritron GateGuard/Outpost systems for details.

2-Tone Paging Encode (coming soon)
Allows base station to selectively page portables or control gates, doors, sirens, or other devices remotely. See Ritron GateGuard/Outpost systems for details.

2-Tone Paging Decode 
Allows base station to function as a wireless alerting receiver.

• 2 Watts of Power Output
• Rugged All-Metal Steel Enclosure
• Bright, Easy-To-Read LED Display
• Compact Size: 1.4" X 3.8" X 5.6"
• Large 1 Watt Output Speaker —Loud, Easy-To-Hear Audio
• Built-in CTCSS and Digital Coded Squelch Codes
• NOAA Weather Scan & Alert (VHF models only)
• Programmable Narrow (12.5 kHz) or Wideband (25 kHz) Transmitter
• 110VAC or 12VDC operation
• PTT Field & PC Programmable
• Call Feature
• One Year Warranty

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