SNP-1W-xxBF 1-WIRE Bottom Half
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SNP-1W-xxBF 1-WIRE Bottom Half


Product Information

PRYME P-Snap Series Earpieces for Almost Every Two-Way Radio.

PRYME's rugged P-SNAP connector allows users to select 1 of 5 types of end-only earpieces best suited to their application. Also helps prevent radio connector wear, and reduces repair costs. The special braided fiber cable is stronger and more durable than plastic coated cable, and at the same time, can be much more comfortable to wear while preventing the tangling common in PUR(polyurethane) cables.

Heavy-Duty Construction.  3-Year Warranty!


P-SNAP is available in 2 different cable layouts:

  1. The SNP-1Wire cable features an in-line PTT and microphone.

  2. The SNP-2Wire cable has seperate PTT/microphone cable and earpiece cable. 

Once the type of SNP cable is determined, you can choose 1 of 5 different earpiece styles: 

  1. SNP-AT Acoustic Tube (Clear) Earpiece

  2. SNP-CR C-Ring Earpiece

  3. SNP-GH G-Hook Earpiece 

  4. SNP-DR D-Ring Earpiece

  5. SNP-EH Ear Hanger Earpiece

Available for almost every radio.  Motorola, Kenwood, Vertex, Hytera, ICOM, etc.  Please Call for Availability.  Multi-Pin connector extra.

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