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HYT TC-600 - Discontinued - See TC-508
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HYT TC-600 - Discontinued - See TC-508


Product Information


Recommended replacement is the TC-508.

Cost Effective Professional Radio

General Features

The combination of advanced performance and cost effective productivity make the TC-600 a strong option for growing organization, as well as any organization concerned with security and quick response. It has been ergonomically designed to handle easily, with bigger knobs and controls that can be easily operated even wearing heavy gloves. It offers a wide range of features and a rugged design, all in a surprisingly lightweight radio (249g with the standard Li-ion battery). Experienced users will appreciate many of the TC-600’s enhancements and design features. The TC-600 also offers an extremely high level of sound clarity and dynamics for a professional radio at this price.

Wide Communication Coverage
High transmit power accommodates wide communication coverage up to 6Km in open area.

High-quality Audio
Audio quality is critical for effective communications. The speaker delivers crisper, clearer and stronger audio because of improved acoustic mechanics, allowing users to continue communicating even in noisy and harsh conditions.

Rugged and Durable
With rugged and compact design, the TC-600 is durable enough to withstand 1.5m drop and meet MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F.

Extended Operation Time
An extended life Li-ion battery provides 9hr talktime at a lighter weight, for greater productivity.


High/Low Power Switchable
High/Low power is switchable via the programmed key at a per channel basis, tailored for user environment. 
Low output power preserves battery life when communication within limited range coverage; while high output power optimizes range coverage when further distance required.

Programmable 12.5kHz / 25kHz Channel Spacing
The feature enables flexibility and easy migration of channel spacing requirements when the need arises, with no need to buy new radios.

DTMF ANI can be set on or off at a per channel basis.

2-Tone Encode and Decode
The 2-Tone encode and decode functions are assignable at a per channel basis. An incoming message is signaled with audio and visual alert.

Allows continuous channel monitoring. The feature is especially helpful for adjusting volume or receiving a weak signal.

Battery Save
The Battery Save feature is automatically activated once no activity on the channel and no operation performed, for extended operation time.

Low Battery Alert
For extra convenience, the top-mounted LED flashes red to alert users to recharge the battery should the battery level run low.

Busy Channel Lockout
The feature further improves channel management by preventing transmission if another talk group is already on the air.

Time-out Timer
The feature allows for more efficient use of channels by limiting the amount of time of each transmission.

Wired Clone
Cloning enables duplication of radios in the field via a simple interface cable, without the use of a PC or special equipment.

PC Programming
Allows you to customize each radio to fit your needs.

Squelch Tail Elimination
The function will minimize the annoying audio outputs that occur at the receiver on completion of a transmission.

Selectable Squelch Level (0-9)
The purpose of squelch is to mute audio output from the speaker when no signals are present. The higher the squelch level selected, the stronger the signals must be to receive. The appropriate squelch level depends on ambient RF noise conditions.

Priority Channel Scan
Priority scan permits scanning of all channels while simultaneously monitoring a priority channel, allowing for activity even while receiving a call on another non-priority channel.

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