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HYTERA Digital Repeater XPT System
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HYTERA MD-782 / 782G $742.00

HYTERA Digital Repeater XPT System

Product Information

XPT Digital Trunking


Digital trunking system providing a practical and cost-efficient channel sharing solution.

XPT (Extended Pseudo Trunk) is a scalable digital trunking solution that allows you to increase the capacity of an existing conventional DMR system by simply upgrading the current RD982S repeater and DMR radios.  


XPT Digital Trunking System delivers up to 16 times the capacity of analog conventional mobile radio systems; a more cost effective solution that allows customers to trunk without using a dedicated control channel.   The system connects a larger number of users with voice and data turning your conventional DMR System into a virtual trunking system. XPT will now allow multiple users from various departments faster access to the system, this can increases productivity, enhance customer service and provides better dispatching to security personnel responding to emergencies.

XPT Allows the radio to scan time slots on the repeater and dynamically choose an open time slot to initiate a call. Less wait time is used than those who are fixed to a specific time slot. In typical systems it is not uncommon for repeaters to be busy while others remain unused, this is where XPT Digital Trunking comes into action. The XPT system broadcasts the availability of channels throughout every repeater ensuring the user will have a guaranteed channel to initiate a call.

Within the XPT system, groups of radios will be allocated to a "home repeater". When the home repeater is idle all calls will be made through this repeater. When the home repeater is busy the XPT system will automatically and dynamically assign a "free repeater", which temporarily provides available channels to initiate a call. Once the home repeater has an available resource the groups of radios will switch back to it. This process is repeated on the system to ensure instant communications with no interruptions or constant busy signals, no designated control channel is needed in this process. The same process works with group or all calls, all radios are move to a single repeater, freeing up the other repeaters for use, even if the radios on the call are assigned to other repeaters.

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