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Ritron Callbox - 6 Series
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Ritron Callbox - 6 Series

Product Information

Put Ritron communication tools to work for you! Add an OutPost Callbox to any area where communication is a must, but a portable radio just won't cut it. The 6 Series Ritron OutPost Callbox provides long range 2-way voice communication from a fixed location to portable, mobile, stationary base station radios, or through radio repeaters. Also, by utilizing the built-in relay and 2-tone encode/decode it is possible to control gates, doors, and lights with Ritron's portables and base station radios. Without costly trenching or monthly fees, add the security, convenience and productivity benefits of the 6 Series OutPost Callbox. It can be DC battery or AC powered, utilizing Ritron's external power options. The 6 Series Ritron OutPost Callbox is available in both Basic and XT (extra tough) enclosures.

Added Features: (In addition to features of the 1 Series Callbox)

  • Built-In Relay for Remote Control Capability 
  • Tone Alert with Switch Inputs 
  • Programmable Security Code 
  • Programmable DTMF ANI 
  • MDC-1200 or G-STAR ANI Protocals (Requires RQE-2) 

Standard Callbox Features:

  • Simple 2-Way Communications 
  • Available in both, VHF and UHF 
  • Wide or Narrow Band Frequency 
  • Compatible Basic and XT feature weather-resistant housings 
  • Battery Powered (6 D Cell) 
  • External Power Optional - See Accessories 
  • Field or PC Programmable (See Accessories for Software) 
  • Adjustable Power Output (UHF only) 
  • Adjustable Speaker Volume 
  • Low Battery Alert 
  • External Power Fail Alert Call Tone 
  • XT Model Features 
    • -Fiberglass Hi-Vis Yellow Enclosure 
    • -Stainless Steel Faceplate 
    • -Tamper-Resistant Fasteners 
    • -Internal Antenna 
    • -Grill Guard to protect vandalism to speaker 
  • 27 VHF/77 UHF Field Programmable Frequencies

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