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Quick Talk vS Wireless Vehicle Alerting
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Quick Talk vS Wireless Vehicle Alerting

Product Information

The Quick Talk vS senses any vehicle... cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV's, golf carts, even bicycles...within a 24 foot detection area and instantly transmits a pre-recorded alert voice message up to one mile to your 2-way radio system.

The Quick Talk vS even works through radio repeater systems for miles of extended range. The Quick Talk vS operate on VHF/UHF and UHF LTR/PassPort Trunking frequencies. The UHF LTR/PassPort Trunking model requires external power.

Applications for the Quick Talk vS include:

Golf Clubs/Resorts - Provides wireless alert to attendants/caddies. Insures that attendants/caddies are ready and waiting when guests/members arrive.
Construction Sites - Alerts personnel if vehicles enter via restricted access areas or after hours.
Stationary Assets - Protect chemical storage facilities, farm equipment, remote buildings, and sites.
Police/Security - 24/7 monitoring and surveillance of sites prone to theft or vandalism.
Government/Military - 24/7 monitoring of restricted access area (e.g. high security areas, military assets, border crossings, national parks, walking trails, parks)
Ranches/Private Property - 24/7 remote monitoring of property lines, large parcels of land, prevent theft of livestock and equipment
Plants/Factories/Retail Stores - Alerts personnel (during normal or after hours) that a vehicle has entered a restricted area (eg. near entrance/loading dock/pick-up area).


Model:  RQT-150 VHF (150-162 MHz)
Typical Range:  RQT-450 UHF (450-470 MHz)
Using standard antenna supplied
with RQT; 1/2-mile to a portable radio line-of-sight.
1-mile to the Ritron base
station line-of-sight. Increased range 
is possible using a gain antenna on the 
RQT or a radio repeater. 
Battery Life:  1 year when using AA Alkaline batteries or 
7,000 transmissions. 
BNC, 50 Ohms 
Enclosure:  GE-Noryl, Grey, Ultraviolet Stable, NEMA-4-4X 
Water Resistant with 4 Mounting Ears. 
Dimensions:  5.25 X 5.25" X 2.5"
Weight:  1 lb less batteries and antenna. 
Switch Inputs:  2 Momentary, Latching, Analog, or Resistance. 
Coded Signalling 
CTCSS, Quiet Call, 51 Tones DCS, 
Digital Quiet Call, all codes. 
Wide (25 kHz or Narrow (12.5 kHz) band deviation
Non-Compressed or Compressed Transmit Audio
(for use with radios using companded" technology)
Message Length:  8 seconds per switch condition when 1 switch input used. 
3.25 seconds per switch condition when 2 switch inputs
are used. Plus a 3.25 second location message. 
Low Battery Alert (1.5 seconds). 
External Power Failure (1.5 Seconds). 
User programmable intervals and repeat times. 
User programmable with a standard pulse dial telephone. 
Note: Special office telephones, speaker telephones, and 
telephones with lighted dials cannot be used to program 
the Quick Talk. 

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