It is the goal of the Orange County public safety community to achieve radio interoperability with the schools of Orange County.  The radio systems are in place and the operational protocols have been adopted by the Orange County Chiefs of Police & Sheriff's Association and the Orange County Fire Chief's Association.

The Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District has added an Orange County radio channel to specific radios owned by the District to achieve the goal of interoperability.  The purpose of the article is to provide school district radio users with an overview of this radio channel.

Blue Channel: This is a radio channel that is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to the County of Orange and is used to facilitate interoperable communication.  It is not part of the District radio system but the channel is included in specific District radios for the purpose of communications interoperability with Orange County public safety.  The Blue Channel is always in the last postion of applicable District radios.  For some radios that may be Channel 4, for other it may be Channel 16.  If the radio has a display it will show 911 on the display to remind the users that this is an emergency radio channel.

Here are some guidelines regarding the Blue Channel:

  • This channel is in designated school radios as determined by the Superintendent.
  • This channel is known as the "Blue Channel" and is monitored 24/7 by the Countywide Coordinated Communications Center (Known as "Control One")
  • This channel is to be used for emergency purposes only
  • This channel may be used to request law or fire assistance when the use of 911 or other normal methods are unavailable
  • With the approval of a law or fire agency, this channel may be "patched" to an Orange County law or fire channel during extraordinary emergency situations to allow for direct communication between school personnel and first responders
  • This channel may be used by different school superintendents to coordinate activities related to an emergency that involves more than one School District when other methods such as telephone, e-mail, cell phone, OA radio, etc. are unavailable
  • This channel may be used to communicate with the County/Operational Area Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at Loma Ridge when the EOC is activated and telephone, e-mail, WebOOC, and OA-2 Radio systems are unavailable
  • This channel is shared with other City, County, State and Federal agencies and School personnel may need to "share" the channel with the agencies when using the Blue Channel


How To Use The Blue Channel

Operational Concept - Message Relay - Only when there is no other way!

Contact "Orange County Control One" on the Blue Channel

School Radio User:  "Control One, Placetia-Yorba Linda School District on the Blue Channel"

Control One: Acknowledges calling party

School Radio User:  Trasmit the message.  For example, "This is the principal at Valencia High School, 500 North Bradford Avenue in Placentia.  We need paramedics for an adult who is having a heart attack.  The adult is on the playing field at the softball diamond."

Control One: Will acknowledge and then relay message to appropriate dispatch centers  

Remain on the Blue Channel until first responders arrive on scene, in case Control One needs to contact you while first responders are en route.


Operational Concept - Patch to Orange County 800 MHz Radio System

Contact Control One on the Blue Channel or via telephone at 714-628-7000

School Radio User: "Control One, Placentia-Yorba Linda School District on Blue Channel"

Control One: Acknowledges calling party

School Radio User: Provide information indicating nature of the emergency and patch request.  For example, "This is the principal at Valencia High School, 500 North Bradford Avenue in Placentia.  We have the Placentia police department responding to an active shooter on our campus.  Please patch me to the police department so I can speak with them directly."

Control One: Acknowledges calling party, contacts the requested agency and receives approval to initiate the patch.  If approved, completes the patch and then notifies the School Radio User that the patch is in place.

Notify Control One when patch is no longer needed.

Other School Districts That Have The Blue Channel

It is the goal to have an interoperable radio channel in every "K-12" school radio countywide. We have the support and approval of both the Orange County Chiefs of Police & Sheriff's Association and the Orange County Fire Chief's Association.  Currently the following School Districts have radios with the Blue Channel:

  • Fullerton School District (K-8)
  • Garden Grove Unified School District (K-12)
  • Irvine Unified School District (K-12)
  • Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District (K-12)
  • Santa Ana Unified School District (K-12)
  • Tustin Unified School District (K-12)

We continue to work with and encourage all of the other district in Orange County to implement introperable communications between the District and Public Safety.  It is our goal to achieve 100% participation.

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