Squiretech pCom Satellite Trailer by Two-Way Radio - Orange County, CA
Communications Where Your Need It!

The pCom® provides an immediately deployable, self contained power generator, lighting and communications infrastructure where you need it. Emergency response and field operations requires infrastructure designed to solve the problems that come with the unknown. The flexible design of the pCom® offers an environment to operate vital communications equipment and services to IT and Incident Operations Management personnel.


pCom’s electronics bays have NEMA4 extreme environment enclosure controls for humidity, water intrusion, heat, cooling, and air-born particulate filtration. The pCom’s® on-board 10,000 watt ultra quiet power generation system provides for site power, core communications equipment and powerful scene lighting system. The clean power generation, a 100 gallon internal diesel tank, and an auto-acquire satellite when combined with a standard 30’ internally cabled tower creates the ultimate response trailer. With 40 rack units of environmentally controlled rack space, pCom® operators have numerous options for their critical communications equipment. Whether you run proprietary internal networks or you simple require reliable access to high-speed internet, phones, radio, video, or broadcast, the pCom® fulfils your needs.  

Squire Tech Solution’s pComXL® Satellite Trailer includes the following:

  • Secure NEMA4 Communications Enclosure
  • External “Patch Ports” and Secure Conduit
  • Secure wiring and cabling access
  • Instrumentation Control: Generator Controls, Runtime Digital Hours Meter, System monitor,Compressor switch, Tower control , A/C power
  • Shore power inputs with automatic transfer switch and integrated battery charger
  • 10kw Perkins Diesel power generator with vibration isolation, sound dampening and attenuation
  • Integrated DC and AC Circuit Breaker Panels
  • 100 gallon fuel tank (Diesel or JP-8 fuel)
  • Multiple External GFI Power Outlets
  • 40 RU equipment rack space on air suspension
  • 30.5′ Tempest Fireco pneumatic tower with internal cable set
  • Integrated air compressor for pneumatic tools and tower system
  • Front and rear air compressor hose connections
  • Tower Mounted High Power Scene Lighting kit
  • Mobile Responder grade AvL Technologies auto acquire low stow satellite antenna and control system
  • Integrated and network tested Block Up Converter (BUC) and Low Noise Block (LNB)
  • Mobile Response Rack Mounted satellite internet modem (TCP Accelerated, QoS and Priorirtized)
  • Multi-Port Enterprise VoIP Gateway, Router and Switch
  • Long Range 600mW Wireless Access Point / Client Bridge
  • Multi-port PoE Smart switch with Layer 2 / Layer 3 management and controls
  • Power management with UPS
  • Large storage bay with dual door access
  • Marine Metal-Lock Anti-Rust Coating
  • Tie Down “D” rings
  • All enclosure doors have key locks
  • Tire rack and spare wheel/tire
  • Integrated Trailer Brakes, Lighting,
    and Brake-away
  • Hydraulic Braking System
  • Integrated levelling jacks
  • Transportable by standard vehicle

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