Tower Climbing by Two-Way Radio - Orange County, CA
Trained, Certified and Insured Tower Climbing

Tower Climbing by Two-Way Radio - Orange County, CAEagle Communications is proud to offer professional tower site services to our clients throughout all of Southern California, serving the greater Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, and Orange County areas. We know first-hand that working on structures at extreme elevations requires the climbers to possess a wide variety of highly specialized skills to perform their job duties safely and efficiently.  That’s why we use the best…”Comtrain”! Our certified climbers go through an extensive training program to provide the highest level of safety for servicing all types of structures and industries for tower and wireless communications service.   Here are some services that we offer: 

Tower Services:

  • “ComTrain” Advanced Tower Safety and Rescue Climber [Competent Climber] Certified Climbing
  • RF, Cellular, Microwave, Antenna  Install / Removal
  • Tower Safety Inspections
  • Cable Maintenance / Testing / Grounding
  • FAA Lighting Support
  • Lightning Systems

Compound/Facility Services:

  • Property Maintenance
  • Equipment Install/Removal
  • System Consulting
  • Professional Site Management
  • Conduit Runs
  • Security Camera Systems

Radio Equipment Services:

  • Equipment Installation
  • Equipment Removal
  • Coax/Hardline Cable Runs
  • Connector Installs/Replacements
  • Repeater System Testing
  • Solar/Wind Backup Power Options

Our Technicians are certified / trained in all the current codes, standards, and regulations meeting ANSI/ASSE and OSHA Criteria for Accepted Practices in Safety, Health and environmental issues while servicing your equipment. We are a specialized group of Industry Professionals, Accredited Safety Professionals. Our technicians are equipped with the latest safety gear for servicing vertical structures. If your work is in the vertical world at extreme heights, you need Eagle Communications!  Copies of the technician’s certifications are available upon request.

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Narrowbanding in 2013

Narrowbanding by Two-Way Radio - Orange County, CAAre Your Radios in Compliance With the FCC's 2013 Narrowbanding Mandate? 

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